I like to place bets since I was a little boy. At the age of 6, I have started with dices and cards ( Santa sei). Yes, I was inclined and in deep connection with gambling and betting. Some of you may think I am crazy or just another freak crating some casino blog and trying to convince you how to earn big.

The main purpose of existence of this blog is to say ” I am not ashamed of my nature”. Meaning I am not a bad person, just played a lot of games, never lied to anyone. And another reason is to show to different people the amazing richness of the world of slots. If I had created a roulette blog , maybe most of you could have written me many mails with questions for advise how to earn big or more. Here in this space, you will find very useful posts. It will not only be for the slots themselves, it will be about the beauty and masterpiece hidden behind the scenes.

Few words about me – I am 37 years of age and I am in the online gambling sector for nearly 10 years. In my spare time, I love to write in my blogs, which are four at the moment. I had started with my first blog 3 years ago, it is called www.toppix12fix.com This was just the beginning.

Why I need to write a lot here and enlighten your way? When I have entered in the industry there was not that much information. Most of the knowledge I got from friends and colleagues. I just want to me a small candle which will give you hints and tricks how to be better or to get bigger excitement when you are standing in front of your favorite slot.

When I feel a little be nervous or irritated from something I just go and play my favorite EGT slots or the world class marvel of NetEnt – Gonzo’s quest. I love to see the color changing, to get hypnotized from the nice music or just to count the WILDs of the reels, to see the figures raising up or dropping down. It makes me feel calm and kind of concentrated. I can tell what is the feeling when you are in a land-based casino. It is freaking perfect..

Imagine : you are sipping a drink, smoking a cigar and you are adjusting the levels of playing on your favorite slot. Hmm, it is like De Niro preparing to shoot a great scene. There are no clocks in the casino, only smooth lights , some jazz music, beautiful ladies and elegant men. Forget about the money, you are a star. You are famous, because your spirit and soul feel and raise onto another level. You are free…..

Every slots is like a picture , picture of a great artist : Leonardo, Rafaelo Santi, Michelangelo , Salvador Dali, Da Vinci or Monet. Yes, it is . It is a masterpiece, but the slots, you are playing and participating, with the pictures- they are dancing and provoking your inner nature.. Imagine you are part of that beauty.

In a conclusion, I gently invite you in my world. What I can promise you , something different. If you do not believe me, just read another 10 posts and came back with a comment or conclusion. Just enjoy and spin the reels. The world of slots is just fabulous…