Customer support

Customer support is one of the most aspects of the game, play, casino and the process of depositing and withdrawing money. Without them – we are lost. Here is the time and place to say thanks to all the customer support representatives which I have contacted during the last 15 years.

They have been kind, helpful and great people. Also, I must admit that in five casinos I have created an account just because of the professional support and help I got. Yes, this sounds very strange but it is true.

With dafabet team of customer service, I have spoken few hours in one night, when I could not sleep 2 years ago- they were just gorgeous.  I have asked thousands of questions and they responded in a polite way and manner to all of them. In the morning I have created an account, deposited with Skrill and started my experience with them.

I must say good words for the team at 188bet, which have closed recently my affiliate account ( I do not blame them). Their support is exquisite.

Also not forgetting to mention the support of bet365. Yes, they also suspended my affiliate account, but this is life.

If you open an account in a new online casino, what you should be careful about and what to ask the customer service department:

  1. How long it takes for the fastest withdrawals?
  2. KYC – know your customer (clients) procedures. Some bookies can be a “pain in the ass” asking for tons of documents.
  3. Slots, spins, games, free spins and bonuses- always ask support about the hidden term and rules regarding any free games, spins or bonuses.
  4. If you play sport – cancelation of bets and maximum bet allowed on any event.
  5. Minimum and maximum stakes – for slots is written in the information section ( it is a small letter i and there are the main features and ideas).
  6. Ask what licenses the casino is having. If the provider is not legalized in your country, you might face difficulties with your payments.
  7. Read in forums and ask friends about the customers’ support services.
  8. Try to create an account in 24/7 available chat support online casinos.

If you have any future requests do not hesitate to contact me at



In the casino

it is a very thrilling moment when you enter into a casino. It does not matter where it is situated, I mean in which countries. The atmosphere is always unique and kind of secret. Is it because of the lights or the interesting smells in the air, only could guess.

I have been recently in two casinos in Malta – casino Malta and Casino Portomaso. The first one is huge and has two big halls – one for smokers and other for non-smokers.  There are tables for Roulette , Black Jack and Poker. yes, those tables for poker are just stunning. The slots are from Novomatic and EGT( you all know that they are among top 5 in the world ). I must admit that both casinos were full of Italians. Because Malta is very close to Italy and they are regularly coming to have some fun.

The promotions: you are actually getting different promotions during you are playing and you receive bonus points for your play, no matter if it is slots or live tables – games. There are also terminals for live betting – one very interesting innovation.

Casino Portomaso was very small and not that crowded. It was close to hotel Hilton. Again we saw many people from Italy. One very demanding fact is, that no matter to which casino we went , table for Black Jack were always full.

I feel sorry, that did not have chance and time to go to casino Dragonara. It was widely advertised on the airport and on many billboards in Malta.