Black Jack -welcome

How many times have you played black-jack? It is a game that requires great mental skills. It is not only about cards or other players. It is about a game of hiding and seeking.

Yes, all of us want to get 20 or 21 and to win over the bank and other players. All of us are greedy and impatient. It is like playing chess. The great drama and performance happen too fast. I know that most of you are intelligent people, but there are scenes and scenarios in life when we are not the absolute responsible people.

Black Jack is a trick of skills. I am saying tricks because you always try to overcome and win over yourself, the other players and the bank. It is a mind-storm challenge every second. It is not like you are the boss or the owner of your money. You have to be the rules of your emotions and to be very stern and sober…

Money doesn’s matter on the table, on the battlefield. The main trick is to be able to observe the situation from any different angle you can. It is like the game of poker or roulette when you are the single one on the table.

Also, I can give you one, good hint. The best players always smile and take everything as the good experience. It is on the cards that are telling their stories and sometimes there are and there will be stories of great winners..




In the casino

it is a very thrilling moment when you enter into a casino. It does not matter where it is situated, I mean in which countries. The atmosphere is always unique and kind of secret. Is it because of the lights or the interesting smells in the air, only could guess.

I have been recently in two casinos in Malta – casino Malta and Casino Portomaso. The first one is huge and has two big halls – one for smokers and other for non-smokers.  There are tables for Roulette , Black Jack and Poker. yes, those tables for poker are just stunning. The slots are from Novomatic and EGT( you all know that they are among top 5 in the world ). I must admit that both casinos were full of Italians. Because Malta is very close to Italy and they are regularly coming to have some fun.

The promotions: you are actually getting different promotions during you are playing and you receive bonus points for your play, no matter if it is slots or live tables – games. There are also terminals for live betting – one very interesting innovation.

Casino Portomaso was very small and not that crowded. It was close to hotel Hilton. Again we saw many people from Italy. One very demanding fact is, that no matter to which casino we went , table for Black Jack were always full.

I feel sorry, that did not have chance and time to go to casino Dragonara. It was widely advertised on the airport and on many billboards in Malta.