Sigma 2017 – just great

It is not been a week ago since the conference in Malta had finished. I must admit this was my first one and I got really impressed. Not only form the crowd, different, interesting people. Also, I met common people who have interests close to mine. So let’s get to the point…

Malta is a lovely place with very nice and open-hearted people. The climate is perfect for fun, relax and lovely walks during the night.  It has everything to make you feel just awesome and on the right spot with the right people.

About the conference: I have spoken and met very good men and women. Actually, the industry is vastly developing. I must admit that in near future punters and casino players will be mad about e-sport, virtual sports betting and using many cryptocurrencies, not only Bitcoin.

I was very disappointed by the representatives of bet365. As all you know, they have been closed and are closing current a lot of affiliate account for no reason. I got no reasonable explanation why they are producing such strict and violent measures on people who have been advertising them for ages. On the other hand, 1xbet and BetConstruct were very helpful( excluding their affiliate manager, who was hard to get reached).

Also was a good fact that many of the casinos were giving huge offers for people who have attended the meeting such as 50 % new affiliate deals. Also, 1xbet offered higher commission rates. On the other hand, there was a lot of fun with the table football in one of the stands of Poker Stars.

I would like to thank specially to Wendy Zitzman from Their work and lecture were just marvelous. I learned a lot during the two days of online gaming education. Also thanks to Chris Naudi – one very smart guy, punter, and trader.  Such courses are very and will be very helpful for everyone.

It was just gorgeous my 5 days stay there. If you have the chance do not miss the next conference in 2018. Malta is such a lovely place and such a big and warmful heart…


Novomatic – the leader inside

There are and there will be many companies, which will be the milestones in the online gambling industry. Such as : William Hill, Pinnacle, bet365 and Novomatic. Forgot to mention NetEnt and Playtech. Yes, the leaders stay there and glitter to show us which is the right point and direction of development.

Novomatic has 30 years of history and great success and very reliable steps. They are like a light that shines more and more during each decade. Yes, I must convince that, I enjoy playing slots, roulette and all the games that they are inventing for the landbased casinos. But also they have wonderful slot games for the online bookies and casinos.

I was thinking of writing a post full of information regarding this company. The most important thing is that when you are thinking about this brand, you know and you are aware that with Playtech and NetEnt they are dictating everything in the sector of casino and slot games. Just look how they are headquarters are looking alike.

To be among the best is a demand oh high class, top performance and many serious people who are striving, suffering and enjoying the success of every single breath and smile. Yes, I smile at them and they will smile to us. To be the leader is not only responsibility, it is a matter of prestige and importance. To be important to believe hard, that every time you are on the right way and none can replace you from there.