Dunder – let the dandy enter

I like casino games, I like slots, virtuals, e-sports and table games. Actually, if I do not like them, I would definitely not have stayed and worked in this industry for about 10 years.

It is an interesting fact that I heard about this new, trendy entry in the industry from a friend. It is actually the name, which at first point is creating the impression. I must admit that I definitely got impressed. And have decided to become their affiliate.

It is funny when I got approved, it does not matter to the program I am taking a brief look at the variety of the banners. I am one of the best fans of the banner, do not matter if it is a static or dynamic one. Banners are the essence of the affiliate business and marketing. They are our “weapons” to obtain new clients and registrations. And the banners of Dunder.com are magnificent definitely.

What else they offer for the new players and people who are just hesitating:

  • over 1000 casino games from the top providers in the industry, such as Netnet, Microgaming and many more.
  • Fast and secure payment– this is the issue I like the most. Payments are a strategic part of the online gaming business.
  • Secure Gaming Environment – they hold two license Maltese and Uk one. This is just brilliant.
  • The site just looks fabulous – if you do not get amazed at one product from the first sight, you will never come back again.
  • They were established in 2016 – in such a short period, almost everyone in the industry knows them and wants to work with them.
  • Dandy, trendy and style – like most of the Swedish inventions we speak here about the sophisticated type of fun and entertainment.

Do not hesitate anymore and start the excitement in the world of Dunder.com Only good news and performances are expecting you…

Why to become an affiliate?

It is a great challenge to become an affiliate. It does not matter if we speak about sports, casino or poker affiliate.  It is a distinguished and thrilling way of earning money, wasting time or just provoking yourself to be better than the rest.

It is not about the commission and earning money. When to start something from a scratch, you are like a creator, like a parent. Your ideas can grow-up go to school or university, or just can become outlaws and sick, begging minds…

You can take the risk of having a lot of sites, or just one which can push you up in the sky. The great trick is to be always up-to-date. To try to get, read and write every time even few ste[s before the competition.

I have started 3 years ago with my first side – www.toppix12fix.com It already exists and it is about sports bets, tips, picks and many useful posts about betting. It is kind of a long way and great challenge to myself. You are all alone in this internet space and you are fighting every single second, which is great intrigue and sport,  not for everyone. I had ideas for giving up several times.

But why should give up? Maybe because it is in human nature to want to have things done and executed very rapidly. Now I do think to quit. O want to have more and more sites.

The examples is this casino blog, which I have created recently. Actually, I played a lot of casino and slot games in online casinos. This is a game and a challenge to myself. I just want to write what I like and what secrets or people met in these places.

Of course, if you play the game alone you have to be good in writing, reading, optimization, searching, finding good betting and casino sites, arranging banners and design stuff. I am alone and I like it so far.

Be brave and do the decision today, find the good domain, buy a WordPress theme, buy yourself a hosting plan and show to the world what you are capable of. If you do not take risk, you are risking to stay in the same place and people, which are with fewer ideas and courage to overcome you and to manage to achieve more