About me

Slots and about me section

It is the best section of the casino blogs. I will not represent myself as a great guru, some kind of a billionaire from betting or kind of a star.

I am a humble person, who loves and intends to know and to improve more in the world of casino and slots betting. Because this is my world for over 30 years. This is the world or mathematics, statistics, fun, excitement, colors and great inspiration.

I am saying inspiration, because I clearly remember the first games of NetAnt, Playtech , EGT and Novomatic. Now they evaluated in a new and tremendous way. Evene when you enter in some casino in any country in the world, you will be seeing unique slots, roulettes and electronic marvels.

I love to be part of that world and would like to make you feel this world as a special place. We do not speak here only about bets, spins, wins, bonuses and mega jackpots. We are speaking about pleasure.

When you gain pleasure, all the rest comes sooner or later. I invite you in this blog to be my guest.