Crypto is coming slow and steady



Yes, this is a very freaky heading but definitely explains what and hot it is coming. Slow and steady this “phenomenon” -crypto is conquering our world. I do not know if this is our world anymore.

Everyone is curious nowadays about the price ups and drops of any bitcoin currency. It does not matter if it is : bitcoin, bitcoin cash , zet coin or any other. All the people, no matter if they are related to the gaming or gambling world invested or are about to invest in that crypto “madness”.

Are we mad or becoming mad in getting into deep interest in the new currency is actually the new fashion? It is kind of a strange question but deserves our attention in details :

  • in gambling and online betting – there are number of bitcoin casinos , which would love to help you out to invest your coins smarter.
  • buying and selling online – with crypto is very easy to do anything. Skrill, Neteller and Paypal are getting high commissions.
  • just for investments – I am not a fan of keeping cryptos in cold storage and waiting for bitcoin to raise up to 27 000 $. There are a lot of other smart ways to invest your money.
  • to catch the wave – you can invest small amount in Ripple or Bitcoin Cash – yes in the beginning 5000 $ will do, but you will be part of the flow.

I love the new entries in the industry and I promise you that in the upcoming 12 months we all will be mad about cryptos…

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