Small signs

It is very funny because I started this blog as a big joke. I was thinking, I cannot own or have a real casino, so I will make a virtual one. One, which will make me proud of myself. I will be the owner, the writer, the provider and I will have all the roles. Yeah, sounds just perfect.

When you see the header, you think about something in details or about a spy movie. I actually, like the small details because they are making a big difference. Details like: 20cm bigger jump, 10cm higher, or having 3 or 4 payments more than your competitors. Sounds challenging.

I will try to make all the situation clear enough:

  1. How many payment methods you see in a bottom of any online casino you choose by chance?
  2. Are the buttons big enough to get recognized as well on the mobile version?
  3. Is there anything which embarrasses you ?
  4. Why do you trust the big brands – not the casinos or bookies , which can disappear in a month or two?
  5. Why are you reading my blog and this intriguing post?

So many questions. Try to answer them, because I do not want to bother you too much. Signs are all around you, just open your eyes properly and will be very easy and interesting.

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