Land- based casinos

Long, long ago when we all wanted to make bets on slots or casinos, we should definitely visit a land-based one. There was no Internet and not the that big range of online gambling operators.  It was a bit harder and maybe more romantic. Now, there are hundreds even thousand of online casinos who are open to take our bets and to give us generous offers.

I can give you few examples of companies who are having land-based casinos + online gambling sites. This is a joint venture or just an adventure not to lose the focus of your customers and to have them with you all the time. The focus is the brand and the thrust. Trust and confidence are the main points of this business.

I will give you an example of 3 brands: Dragonara, and Dragonara casino I have been recently in Malta. I must admit, I am totally impressed. The other two are regulated in Bulgaria, efbet also in Malta and both have over 30 casinos in the country of Bulgaria.

Let’s see the advantages of mixed offering online and offline :

  1. For example, If I like a land-based casino I would like to taste and test online product.
  2. Most of the slots in the casino are represented in the online product.
  3. Payouts – in the land-based ones payments are faster.
  4. Black Jack, Casino, and POker – in a casino hall the passion and the thrill are bigger. You just watch the faces of the players, take a sip of a whiskey and stake your bet.
  5. There are no watches in the land-based casinos – if you know what the time is, you could probably go out before you lost enough amount of money.
  6. In land-based casinos you see beautiful women, when you are playing online you see only their picture or just a video of a live roulette.

Never stop trying and comparing the huge offering casinos are brining to our attention. Explore and challenge yourself to learn and play more. Good luck !!!


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