David vs. Goliath

This is a very strange idea, which I will try to develop and spread in this post. Big vs. small casinos or good reputable vs. the small ones, which no-one knows in town already. This is a theme which provoked me yesterday night.

I will try to use one scenario in Black Jack. The big casino is the bank/croupier on the table. Players are the small ones(casinos). For us as spectators is very interesting to watch this game or even a duel for domination. Is it only about skills, or it is about routine , game, eye contact or another things that are not relevant for us? We can only guess. But this duel is played every second of our day and life. Competition is the real direction to success in any area of business.

I will to see and point out my references from the tower of experience and all-day search and reading in different sources and blogs:

  1. Games,slots and many games – big ones have the budget to buy whatever they want, but in small casinos you can find games, which you even did not imagine are already created.
  2. Support – trust me that online casino which are starting now with a great ambitions can have better support than the others which are already names in the gambling business.
  3. Payment methods – they all have Skrill, Netteler and CC /DC. Yes, 1xbet are having over 120 payment methods but they are Giants. Small casinos can try to attract you with faster payouts- which sounds perfect.
  4. Design – here comes the pure moment of balance. Small bookies/casinos are more flexible to change a lot sort of things in order to get fit and suit for the appropriate customers.
  5. Free spins and bonuses – when a small player in the industry is starting its trip they are having huge bonuses as a start-up and business which wants to harvest sooner.

Trust the small “players”  in the industry they are trying to fight with big regulations, well-known big casinos and they are giving their best to take our money. And do not forget that every big shark, was small one long ago.

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