Prepare to bet

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It is a good day, I intended to write about poker but things suddenly have changed. We are and I am people who like and love to take risks. Risk is the price of existence of any gambler and punter.

It does not matter if you are in a casino , preparing to risk o pie of money onto live game , thinking how to raise the opponent in black jack or balancing the bluff in a poker game, you are playing with the emotions in your heart and the stern processes in your brain. Before the placement of any money, you are in a type of meditation. If you think of how much , you will win- this is not the right way.

Everyone of us is calculating the weight of the choice made. How proper and correct it is? If you feel confident about the choice, even though the bet is lost, you can fell calm. It is more likely that that our world is consistent of many bets, but you need to accept thing and happenings with a smile. The road is long and you need to change the speed in the appropriate moments.

It is very interesting when your confidence is merged with percentages. Over 75 % means that you are ready to place your bet. Whenever you stake something just think how much of your bankroll is left after the choice you made. Actually, you win when you can stand up and explain, why you made and how you insured your bets. Meaning that the choice does not stand only in the time of pacing the bet, it is through the whole process of a match, game, pokers session, casino spin, slot games turn or just in a roll of dices.

So if you swallowed and agreed with any words I wrote, please make your bet and thank me later 🙂



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