Free Spins

It is very interesting for every human when he or she listens to see the word free – all changes in an instant. The eyes got somehow hypnotized and the attention is concentrated on the spot. What actually is standing behind the meaning “free”?

Be very careful when you are playing in different only casinos. There are billions of types of free offers. Some of them can cut your head down, others are generous, third is very deem and you will get lost in the terms and conditions of the free spins or bonuses.

The main strategy is never to lose your self, motivation and bright look. Casinos are designed that way by some means to get your interest and to get you lost in the terms of redeeming bonuses, free spins or what so ever.

I will try to point out the most relevant parts and issues:

  1. Before taking advantage of any of that offers to read the Tand C or just kindly ask the support to explain to you what is all about.
  2. Never directly redeem or start playing with free spins. If you do not have any funds in your account and you got some winning- you will need to make a deposit before doing any withdrawals and as well the won amount should be played in spins at least one or two times.
  3. If it is a birthday present of free spins + any incentive or cash it will be definitely connected with a deposit of the same amount.
  4. If you are a VIP player or just player who is having a long history in an online casino, the FREE Spins may be rewarded as a generous offer without any hidden issues or regulations.
  5. Usually, some promos are connected with a cross-branding promotion – bet on exact result tonight at a definite football game and you will get Free Spins reward tomorrow on Star Burst for example. This is a good way for transferring players between the gaming verticals.
  6. Always trust the big names and beware of soft bookies and casinos. The riks with the “soft” casino is that for some reason you will not be able to get your money or winnings back.

In a conclusion, I must admit that I love Free Spins, they are like an adrenalin and motivational spirit and power. Try them when you can but beware.


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