Bitcoin madnes in online casinos

It is really strange and also very massive the hysteria with all that bitcoins and many new cryptocurrencies which are conquering constantly the online space. Yes, it is great to have that kind of invasion and to see from where the wind is coming.

I think that bitcoin casinos are the easiest way for people from US, Turkey, Asia and another African country to bet online without fear and hesitation. Also, we will speak later on about the commissions.

Currently, I am finding and reading a lot about interesting bitcoin casinos like 1xbit,,, and It is part of my job to check recently a huge number of websites and many of them seem to be huge competition for the normal and old-fashioned bookies.

What are the advantages of the bitcoin casinos :

  • they are fresh and new and having currently many nice new offers and promotions.
  • BTC , LItecoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethreum and all the other currencies can easen your life. You are having one e-wallet full of crypto’s and the rest is easy.
  • Slot, casino live games, and sports – it is all like in the normal bookies.
  • Design – you all know when new discos and bars are opening. Everything looks professional and kind of new-fashion looking. I love it.
  • Customer support – always trust bookies which are providing 24/7 customer service support.
  • Deposit and withdrawals – the easiest steps and ways. It happens almost instantly. Straight after the transition is registered in the blockchain.

Be good and be smart. The bitcoin madness is rising and it will blow you soon away..