6th sense

This will be one very strange post. It is something that most of the addicted people will understand. It is not something that is connected with stats, maths, and other strict sciences. It is the sense of something. The prejudice and maybe the wind of good circumstances.

Yes, we gamblers also have feelings and we are kind of very weird people. We believe or believe not in things like good faith, lucky number, lucky player, the referee who is good for the odds and for the profit. We believe in fortune or we believe in the day when we are stronger because of our luck.

I am superstitious and do have a lot of tricks and prejudices when I start to bet or enter in a land-based or online casino. I will share a secret with you, I had a good feeling that 1xbet will become a world leader in betting. It is not a great rule, it is about the details you see and the feeling you have. For example, I never had a good feeling about bwin and William Hill. KIll me to give you the pieces of evidence or the solid logic, I can not. This is the 6th sense , the article is about.

We- punters, dream catchers and gamblers live in the world of magic. It is about spins, roulette, slots and the casinos which are providing us with that thrill and passion. What is exactly your passion, tell me ?


It is a great challenge starting to write that tip. Everyone has its own perceptions about the surrounding world. I will try to show you my points of view regarding the outlooks, design and beautiful parts of each casino sites, which made me great impressions.

I am not a designer or a painter but do like the esthetic parts and masterpieces. When you want to have a remarkable product on the internet, you must have invented and invested a lot of first moves and great ideas.

During my career in the industry in different positions, I have observed hundreds of sites, no matter if they are related to sports betting or casino issues. I just like to compare and to find those little hints that make that huge difference. It could be a picture, a combination of colors or just some banners of girls, or a picture of the celebrity that welcomes you in the casino.

I can start speaking about betrally, starcasino, dafabet and 1xbet, because all of them are having lovely desing on mobile and plenty of slots and live games. But I want all of you who are regular visitors to my blog to check it by yourself.

I forgot to mention Dunder and Mr.Green – they are type of Swedish wonders and nice inventions- just style and plenty of good offers and promotions.

Tell me how you like the design of my blog and the casino sites you usually visit.