Free slots

it is nice to have a new blog. A blog about one of my passions – casino and slot games. I have hesitated for few months regarding opening and creating of such site.

It was difficult for me because my main specialty is football and sports picks because I was a sports trader. But, always there are buts which are type of milestones, which are heading the main goal.

I love and like casino – land-based and online ones. There is something very beautiful and amazing, something in the air when you enter some casino. It is like you are Robert De Niro or Al Pacino starring in “Heat”.

You feel powerful, special m unique and its kind of getting Oscar reward. Most of you who visit casinos, will understand me completely. It is a place from the fairy tails. It is a space where all your whishes can come true, it is another universe – full of grandeur, glamour, and respect. Why am I saying this word? Because if you do not respect your opponents and the croupiers, probably you will not win. This is life, you get what you strive or give for. Even the way you are smiling, just show respect. This will open you widely the doors of immensity and generosity.

First, you are entering in the hall and start gazing at the people around the poker and blackjack tables. Start to listen to the sounds from the Roulette table and point your direction to the slots. which can excite you or make you very rich. Hmm, it is fantastic…